Untitled Sound piece, 2006

The Carmada sound piece is designed for broadcast on a car stereo,
the listener seated within the car.

It is modeled after both self-help/affirmation tapes of the 1980’s
and 90’s, as well as book/tape combinations of the 1970’s and 80’s
that helped teach children how to read by beeping as a signal to
turn the page.

The sound piece will use this structure of regimented sounds
(which naturally emanate from, or surround automobiles) and
the direct address of second person narration to organize a series
of verbal vignettes around both the emotional and physical
circumstances of mistakes, accidents, surprises, and monotony.

Interested in participating in Nicole C. Russell's Carmada piece?
The artist will pick-up 1-4 passengers at a time to listen to the sound piece,
which will play on the car stereo. It will be approximately a 10-minute ride.

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