Free Speech On Wheels, Let Your Opinion Roll

Handwriting with permanent marker on VW Beetle # 1332417615,
photographs and digital graphic work

Intervention in public space, Los Angeles, 2006
The aim of this project has been to muddle the barrier between public
and private, by creating a space where the many and varied identities
of L.A.'s communities could be expressed. As a result the car has become
a tool for public interaction and created a dialogue that reaches
across the otherwise social and ethnically segregated boundaries of
the city.

The process was initiated by inviting people to write on my car,
posing the question "what does being an American mean to you?". Since
then the writing has grown vividly and without intervention.

Free Speech on Wheels and the opinions expressed were created in Los
Angeles from April to July 2006.

For Carmada the car and photographic documentation of the process
will be presented.


© Bettina Camilla Vestergaard; project documentation 1
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