Beside the static city of Los Angeles a steadily moving city exists. Living in Los Angeles
often equates to living in a car, as many people spend hours each day in long distance
commutes and unavoidable traffic jams.

Exploring the car as a “living room” as well as a symbol of personal freedom, identity,
and privacy, a group-show was developed, where exhibitions and performances took
place within a convoy of vehicles.

This driving exhibition poses the question of what happens when the rooms of a fixed
museum begin to independently circulate and find their way to the city and its residents.
15 Local and international artists were generating their own work within a car interior.
The relationship between the car, the human being, and the city was a major subject
connecting various works and approaches.

For one whole day on August 26th 2006, the mobile exhibition, consisting of individual
units, did start from one point and swarmed out into the city and its traffic, had a merging
point at the parking deck of Arc Light Movie Theater, another one in front of the closed
gates of Dodger Stadium and last stop in downtown Los Angeles.

There, the end of the action was celebrated with many guests in a huge Hangar inside
a developing Cold Storage space. All cars were circling in a round before being parked
in formation. Videos of the different performances, made during the day, were being
projected on the large concrete walls. (see documentation)

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