The concept of the open road is embedded in American culture. And yet the
majority of the population lives in spreading urban and suburban regions that
incessantly devour all proximate open land and where the possibility of actually
driving ones car becomes ever more remote. The city as an edifice operates on
a scale that is increasingly removed from the physical scale of individual
human activity.

Just as a fly, in the course of its short life, sees us in slow motion, so may we
see the city in the same manner. In “traffic” the speed of the city is made visible.
For us this massive structure, gigantic and gorged, moves in slow motion.
Given this relationship, the open road may actually exist in this environment,
but on a scale that is invisible to us. The web of freeways, clogged and congested,
might be a thrilling ride were we able to view them at the speed dictated by
their own size. We zoom out. The freeways become a single object.
A car becomes a camera driving along the back of the massive structure,
and the resulting footage, sped up, becomes a way to see beyond the details,
to make a massive object visible.

The car will be used as an orthoscopic / arthroscopic device. A video camera
will be mounted to the car. The car will be driven around a labyrinth of freeways.
The resulting footage will be used to make a film in which the speed of the
footage is compressed, obscuring details from the scale of individual
human activity, allowing a larger picture to become visible in a concrete manner.



© Kiersten Puusemp; project documentation 1
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